Smuttlabs White IPA (Smuttynose Brewing Company)

Beer in my Belly

Style: White IPA (Hybrid: Belgian Wit with IPA level hops)

4.5% ABV

Price: $$

From: Seacoast, NH

Availability: Limited (Mostly in NH and select accounts in the North East)

Brewery’s Note: “A White IPA brewed with witbier yeast, coriander, two types of orange peel and lots of Citra hops.”

The beer pours a pale and oranging yellow, sort of like dehydrated piss. The beer pours with a small head of fizzy white bubbles with lackluster retention. The bubbles leave very slick and slippery bubbles on the sides of the glass. In body, the beer is clear and clean, with a slight haze, but no floating particles. On the nose, the beer smells like spiced orange juice. Coriander and orange peel blend with rich, citrusy pine and mango scents, and a bready sweetness lingers below everything else. The scent is very crisp and clean for Belgian yeast. Its low on esters…

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