Beer – #602 – Tuatara – London Porter

A life just as ordinary

It begins. Winter. Porters. This one the London Porter from the nice people at Tuatara, and by local FYO station.


Our Porter has plenty of chocolate and roast malts to provide lots of body and a healthy shade of dark. Best served how the Poms like it; flat and a few degrees warmer

Which is a bit offensive, Poms (English people) do not drink ‘warm’ beer, they typically drink ‘Bitters’ that are brewed and served at cellar temperatures, which is colder than normal room temperature and not fridge chilled. Also Top fermented, unlike bottom fermented lagers. Trust me on this.

This is a handy 5%, ABV  and so only 150 calories a serve size, and 33 IBU things, right in the middle of the 20-40 bracket,

Brewed by Tuatara Brewing Company in that style that is a  Porter and they are in Paraparaumu, New…

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