Craft Beer


What the heck is Craft Beer


This should not be complicated.

When you drink a hand-crafted or “craft” beer you are enjoying a fresh, natural beer made using time-honoured methods. Craft beers are made in small batches, for local customers only. The focus is on distinctive full-bodied taste and aroma, achieved by using the best ingredients.

We don’t have anything against the big beer producers. They make some of the best advertising on television. Their beer, however, tends to be pretty bland stuff, aimed at the broadest possible range of tastes.

Mass producers of beer prolong the shelf life of their product by using sterile filtration or pasteurization processes. To keep costs down they sometimes substitute corn or rice for malted barley. Some big brewers actually speed up the fermentation process with enzymes that make a beer concentrate of sorts, to which they later add water. Imagine!


So then, why all the hullabaloo about what REALLY (no I mean REALLY, really, REALLY…) constitutes “Craft Beer”?

Type ‘What is Craft Beer?’ into any search engine and you will encounter a wealth of definitions, debates & arguments to which there are no end…… we will just stick to what is written above.

Go have a beer, a Craft Beer preferably.


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