Beer Up – Bottle Logic & Iron Fist’s Dr. Strangematter

A Punk, A Camera, and An Empty Stomach

Once upon a time, some brave souls collaborated together to transform water into beer. They received a blessing from the goddess Ninkasi to acquire the knowledge to take the bounty of the earth, and extract from it the delicious refreshing beverage we now know as beer. I may not possess the ability to tell elaborate stories, but I sure can recall information like no tomorrow. The history of beer dates back so long ago nobody knows for sure when beer first came into existence. Since then, the thousands of variations of beer have branched out heavily, based on the numerous amounts of ingredients that can go into beer, as well as regional variances. You can even take plants grown out of your own backyard and turn that into beer, and the clever geniuses behind the eponymous Dr. Strangematter delved straight into that idea.

For those planning to attend the 5th…

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Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout + Agour Ossau Iraty

Beer Loves Cheese

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Bell’s Kalamazoo Stoutrec

American Stout, 6% ABV


A: Pours opaque black or very, very dark brown with a light mocha head that quickly crumbles, but leaves some lacing.

N: Sweet roasted coffee. Milk chocolate. Possibly some toffee. I’m not sure I can identify the licorice, but there’s definitely a sweet sense of dark fruit in there.

T: Creamy milk chocolate. Minimally bitter coffee. There’s noticeable sweetness – maybe lactose-related – but it’s not as forward as the aroma indicates. A nice caramel malt presence.

M: Lighter side of heavy body and creamy with minimal carbonation.

O: Kalamazoo is a nice stout, though a little on the sweet side for me. If nothing else, it’s a much needed reprieve from the heavy coffee, cocoa, and roasted flavors that typically characterize the style.

Agour Ossau Iraty

A: Smooth with a few wrinkles and a crack or two. White-yellow in color. Hard…

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