The Nottingham Road Brewing Company: PYE-EYED POSSUM PILSNER



Thought I would entertain y’all with some offerings from my neck of the woods, and since the Nottingham Road Brewing Company is practically brewing in my back-yard, I thought it a good idea to start with them.

It took months of careful fermentation and maturation to bring this excellent bottle of Pie-Eyed Possum to you. So savour it. Delight in the rich, bitter flavour and the noble hop bouquet. Designed for serious beer drinkers, this pilsner is also fairly high in alcohol. Which means that more than a few bottles might make you a bit unsteady on your feet. But don’t worry – should you find yourself unexpectedly horizontal, simply explain to your friends that you are playing Possum.


Rawdons estate,
Nottingham Road,
KwaZulu-Natal, 3280,
South Africa

ALC. 4.6%
PET Bottle – 500Ml (cans are available, but they were sold out)


Very cloudy, golden/ peach colour.

Head foams up nicely…and them disappears in.05 seconds flat, just like your car in downtown Johannesburg….gone, never to be seen again.

Feint aroma of caramel & some far off  fruityness, but nothing that jumps up and shouts at you. Let’s just say very muted aromas?

Very light carbonation.

It starts out with a watery, sour & vaguely lemon citrus flavour, with a resinous grapefruit bitterness growing towards the end, which sticks to your palate and then keeps hanging around like a fart in a rubber suit. I no enjoy….

What can I say……

I’ve had this Notties beer before, and did not like it much then, so when I bought these 3 bottles, I really hoped I did NOT pick the same one again, so I could taste their other offerings….sadly I did….. Bugger.

Will I have another:

Probably not….BUT, I am rooting for their other offerings to surprise me……

Beer Bread French Toast

Marguerite Jessup

In my first Halifax neighbourhood, a few streets down from my apartment, there was a bread factory. Each night the streets smelled like fresh bread. It was wonderful, because in my opinion there are few smells more inviting than freshly-baked bread. A few years ago I discovered a beer-batter bread recipe in a Williams-Sonoma cookbook. It’s super easy to make. The fun part is choosing different beers to use in the bread. Ironically, a few streets down from my current apartment, there’s a beer brewery and each night my neighbourhood smells like hops.  

For this recipe I used one of my favourite local beers, Garrison Irish Red. The result had a rich malty taste. I used a few slices to make French toast using a savoury batter with beaten egg, milk, pepper and nutmeg. I served it with homemade berry-infused maple syrup and sugared thyme butter. 

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Beer Soap is a very real thing…

Tap Into The Nutty Irishman


We’ve definitely featured a cool product like this before…but we can’t resist to share another!  Check out the link to the latest article about the product here.  But if you’re interested in purchasing this amazing soap…check it out here. It’s only $9.95 and comes in 4 great beer “smells” (including Guinness!) We’re thinking it’s a great stocking stuffer for Dad (and treat for yourself 🙂 )this upcoming Christmas!

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holly's photoblog

An old friend of mine from university and his new family were back in town for a visit, so naturally we needed to have a mini reunion! We chose Beerbistro (18 King Street East) for this special occasion. Beerbistro, just as you might guess, specializes in ‘beer cuisine’ and is located right up next to King station.

My friend made a reservation for eight people at 6pm on a Friday night, and the place wasn’t busy yet. He had also made sure to confirm that the restaurant is baby-friendly, as he and his wife would be introducing his one-year-old to us. The service was amazing in being attentive to the baby (and all of us, lol) and accommodating the stroller while making sure there would be enough space for waiters and other guests to move around freely.

After looking at the menu and deciding what I wanted to order, I went with the suggested pairing…

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Früli Strawberry Beer

365 Brew

Früli Strawberry Beer 4.1% ABVFruli Strawberry Beer
Fruit Beer
Huyghe Brewery

(Editor’s Note:  I apologize for the lack of reviews as of late.  I was fighting off a seemingly intractable stomach flu that prevented me from drinking beer, let alone reviewing any, for the past 10 days.  Not to fear, my immune system finally beat back the viscous virus and I am able to drink freely and resume reviewing.) 

Upon opening the bottle and pouring the Früli into a glass I could already smell the alluring strawberry aroma.  I take my first draught.  I can see why this is such a popular beverage.  It tastes more of strawberry juice than beer.  In fact it tastes more like strawberry punch.  The beer gives the strawberry juice effervescences, while the strawberry juice overpowers any beer flavor.  You can’t even tell there is an alcohol in the brew, even though it is almost equal in alcohol content…

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