Review: Brett de Hull

Brew Brahs

BrewerLes Brasseurs Du Temps
Brewed in: Gatineau, Quebec
Percentage: 10%
FoundLes Brasseurs Du TempsBDT

Admittedly, I was first attracted to this beer because of the name; that’s an awesome name. For the uninformed, allow me to explain the joke: A beer brewed with brettanomyces in Gatineau (formally Hull) named after former NHL sniper Brett Hull! *pause for laughter, 1-2-3…


A double white with brett and aged in wine barrels: haaaallo complexity! Pours very murky, opaque and light copper in colour. Small bubbles climb the inside of my glass as the head fades to a whispy ring of white. The sharp funky nose marries beautifully with the red wine bouquet. Again, on the palate the two flavour of funk and deep fruit mingle beautifully. This beer drinks more like a fine wine than a beer with its with low carbonation, complex flavours, dry tannic finish…

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