Nelson Brewing Company – Nelson BC

Mike's Craft Beer

Nelson BC in the Kootenays have a well known brewery in Nelson Brewing Company.  This iteration of the brewery has been brewing since 1992.  This building does have some interesting history though as the original Nelson Brewing Company started here in 1897.  This original brewery was combined with the 4 breweries operating in the Kootenays in the late 1950’s and was moved to Creston.  If you know Macro beer you will know their current best selling beer…. Kokanee.  Enough of this history lesson for now though as if you are reading this you probably could care less about that brewery or its beer.

NelsonBrewing-001  NelsonBrewing-002

The brewery does not have a tasting room at all but more a waiting room behind the front door.  There is really no reason to come to the brewery unless you have a scheduled pickup or tour arranged.  They are happy to do prearranged tours though…

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New Glarus Brewery

The Yeti Adventure

After checking out Yazoo Brewery in Nashville I really wanted to go to the New Glarus brewery in Wisconsin. While at Yazoo I got to taste this cherry beer from New Glarus. It was good stuff so it made it as a destination for my travels. I was very impressed with the brewery!

On the way there I stopped off at a friends hometown of Sterling, Illinois for a night. I met up with his cousin and we hit up Angelos pizza that night. He said I had to stop at Angelos! It was good stuff, they have a rotisserie pizza oven.IMG_4956.JPGIMG_4955.JPG















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Stein Bier Keller York

Out About York

Stein Bier Keller York Party Bavarian Style!

This Saturday night we went to the grand opening of York’s new Stein Bier Keller for some authentic Bavarian fun! Following promises of Oompah bands, giant sausages and world renowned beer we booked a table for the 6 of us and headed down.

I wasn’t too sure where this was at first but it turned out to be on Toft Green right next door to the new Fibbers venue. It had seemingly sprang out of nowhere with a grand entrance surrounded by large, wooden beer barrels!

After giving our name to the 7 bouncers on the door (who knew oompah bands were so dangerous) we headed in.

The room was a small, dark little venue kitted out with wooden walls, animal horn decorations and large wooden benches. There’s definitely some effort been put into the design of this place.

We arrived at 8 and the show started…

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Interview – Joe Gonzalez, Holy Waters Brewing

Florida Beer Blog

One of the many breweries I discovered is Holy Waters Brewing, a small brewing group that is in the process of growing big in the Palm Beach Co. area.

Holy Waters Brewing Holy Waters Brewing logo

First, who is Holy Waters Brewing?

Myself and my partner, Charles Chase. He has been a huge part of our success. He acts as co-founder, co-brewer, and co-representative.

Holy Waters is an interesting name for a brewery. How did you come up with that?

My partner and I are both Aquarius, and we were even born a day apart. We wanted to make this a part of who we were, part of our logo. Also, one of the biggest things that we want to be is South Florida. People come here for beaches, for fishing, for water. Plus, my holy water is beer. I love beer, whether it’s 0% or 6%. I hold beer very dear to…

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