4 Pines Brewing Company Pale Ale vs Balmain Brewing Company Pale Ale

clear and sober counsel

Not every day calls for a wine. Okay I’m lying: my cellar isn’t extensive enough to always have wine. Either way, today was a day for beer!

There’s a dizzyingly large array of craft beers available in Australia these days. Following in North America’s craft scene, Australian consumers are ditching mass-produced swill in favour of something with flavour.

It’s not without good reason that the saying, “Not all beers are created equal,” is so prevalent. There are typically four components of most commercial beers: water, malted barley, yeast and hops, each of which can completely alter the final flavour of a beer.

Hops, the herbaceous perennials that give beers much of their final flavour, like grape varieties are enormously varied in flavour, strength and bitterness.

Coupled with the numerous varieties of malts available, the yeasts used and even something as innocuous as the local water source, and you begin to…

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