Tasting Notes: Clown Shoes: Clementine White Ale

Alcohol And Aphorisms

Clementine Wheat

Clown Shoes: Clementine White Ale (USA: Belgian Wit: 6% ABV)

Visual: Yellowed grain with very large suded mounds of froth for a head. Quite hazy main body.

Nose: Wheat and pepper. Lemon fresh jiff. Light bitterness. Turmeric earthy hints.

Body: Bitter and wheaty. Tangerine juice. Mild gingerbread. Prickly and peppery. Robust up front, thinner at the end. Mild malt toffee middle.

Finish: Light bitterness. Digestives. Light zest and orange. Pepper. Lemon curd. Light peppermint.

Conclusion: Clown Shoes, take 2. Here they are using a very traditional wit base, but with a bit of a twist in the effects of the flavouring and spice. I say effects as the ingredients are pretty standard, coriander and orange peel, using either of these is not unusual in any way. However here the orange feels fuller and sweeter than most, while the spice feels more pepper like and dry. In many ways it inverts…

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Craft Beer Review – Brouwerij De Ranke Hop Harvest 2012

West Coast Beer Geek

De Ranke Hop Harvest 2012

Brouwerij De Ranke – Hop Harvest 2012: Is a Belgian Ale brewed in Belgium at a strength of 6% abv which was poured into my Chimay goblet. Apparently this aged craft beer is their Pere Noel Christmas Ale with the Bitter XX hops, it was dated 2012 with a best before date of 2017 printed on the bottle.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a clear copper orange with 1 finger of foam and a very bubbly appearance. The aroma is classic clove and grassy malt with some hints of lemon.

Flavour: It is a bit metallic with some sweet grass malt and lemon citrus with a creamy and effervescent mouth feel and a very dry bitter finish.

Overall Impression: It’s good, perhaps lost some hop characteristic that a fresh bottle may present however the flavours are balanced and the beer was very good.

Rating: I give it a very good…

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BC Craft Beer Review – White Rock Beach Beer Company Fruit Pale Ale

West Coast Beer Geek

White Rock Beach Beer Company - Fruit Pale Ale

White Rock Beach Beer Company – Fruit Pale Ale: Is pale ale from a nano-nano brewer in White Rock, BC that opened up recently and I just haven’t gotten down there to pick up a growler yet. I finally did grab a 1L growler from them after sampling their beer and once I got home I had to pour myself a fresh glass. 

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a cloudy copper with an inch of foam and no visible bubbles in the glass. The aroma was bready malt, mild citrus and hints of spicy herbs.

Flavour: It is very fresh tasting with bready malt, citrus notes a hint of caramel with a yeasty grain middle and a dry bitter finish.

Overall Impression: These guys are really interesting, they are probably the smallest brewer out there right now and their beer is very “home brew” like (in a good way).

Rating: I give it…

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I’m a VIP (Madhouse Brewing Company Vanilla Imperial Porter)

Jesus, Beer, and My Tiny Kitchen

beerEver just think, “You know, that beer needs to be tried.  I don’t know if it will live up to its description, I don’t know if I’ll like it, but I have to try it.”?  Because I do.  Sometimes it’s for a good reason and it flops, sometimes it’s just weird enough to try, and sometimes it sounds like I should love it.

Dragon’s Milk and I still don’t get along yet.

So I stopped on the way home from church and bought a bottle that sounded like I should love it.  Vanilla porter, aged in whiskey (note the spelling) barrels, and sub-10% alcohol.  It’s from an Iowa brewery, so I had to at least try it.

MadhouseVIP1So I got it.  After paying a premium for it.  It’s not a cheap beer.

When you buy a beer that your wife is going to kill you for spending that much on

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Regional Swiss Beer – Small Breweries: Doppelleu Chopfab

The epicurean kitten

During the ’90s we saw a lot of concentration in the beer industry and many regional beer brands disappeared.

The beer market was concentrated on a couple of big international brands.

Consumer did not appreciate too much and in recent years a multitude of microbreweries and regional producers appeared.

We do like this kind of smaller producer and mostly buy only swiss regional beer.

One of these is Brewery Doppelleu from Winterthur .

They have 2 brands, the Chopfab and the Doppelleu.

Chopfab offers some more “standard” beers for regular consumption. My absolute favourites are the Lager and the Weizenbier (more like a Bière Blanche d’Alsace).

Doppelleu on his side offers premium beer with special Barrel finish like Oak Wood Red Ale or Whisky finish.

If you have the chance to visit Switzerland I strongly encourage you to try one 😉


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