Brakspear – Triple III

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BREWERY: — Brakspear
BEER: — Triple III
STYLE: — Strong Ale
ABV: — 6.7%
MALTS: — Black, Crystal, Pale
HOPS: — Cascade, Golden, Styrian


Brakspear are committed to the abolishment of trub.
Using the historic ‘double drop’ method of fermentation, which I can only assume constitutes some flavour of voodoo, they filter out the trub and eventually pour the rest into bottles with bees on them.

The Oxfordshire brewery are also committed reminding us that our tongues exist. The moment the Triple III touched the tip of mine, the tangy hop crackle made me pwhoarr a bit.
Almost immediately this was cunningly usurped by complex molasses, banana and butterscotch flavours. A slightly boozy feeling lingers, accompanied by a weedy dry hop snap. Providing my girlfriend with a small sample resulted in minimal nose-wrinkling, confirming my notion that this beer is exquisitely tender.
The flavours are very English, and perhaps the hop tastes are a…

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