BC Craft Beer Review – Old Yale Brewing Sasquatch Stout

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Old Yale Brewing Sasquatch Stout

Old Yale Brewing Sasquatch Stout: This 2014 Canadian Brewing Beer of the Year is brewed in Chilliwack, BC and is an oatmeal stout brewed at a strength of 5.0% which was enjoyed at home in a snifter glass from a 22 oz bottle. I have been searching for a really good, basic BC stout and have yet to really find one that hits the mark so my hopes were high with this one.

Aroma and Appearance: This pours a thick dark brown with a thin layer of tan foam and no visible carbonation. The aroma is pipe smoke, black licorice, campfire and molasses.

Flavour: Overall this beer is smooth and balanced with notes of smoked oats, a bit of a creamy mouth feel that finishes very dry with a dark coffee bitterness and after taste. In the middle I tasted some cocoa, smoked malt and at touch of burnt…

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