Abita Restoration Pale Ale

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Total Score: 6.7/10 Biscuit1Lemon1HopFlower1Nonicpint1

Abita, who in my opinion really ought to release two new beers (one called “This” and the other called “That”) have really impressed me without knocking my socks off with their Turbodog. Needless to say I went out and bought a six pack of the Restoration Pale Ale and drank all bar one (for this review) thinking it would be a great American Pale Ale… *spoiler* it’s not. But please do stay on and read why not.

Poured from a 355ml bottle into a nonic pint.

A: Hazy tangelo body with a boisterous, granted given a hard pour, cream coloured head that soon dissipates to 1cm. Looks fantastic as far as APAs go. 8/10.

S: Smells fantastic too! With fresh hop flowers upfront followed by a tasty big biscuit base middle. There is a nice spring water aroma as well (Abita have a deep well spring at…

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Coopers Sparkling Ale

Drinking the universe one craft beer at a time!

Total Score: 7.55/10 Peach1Lemon1Barley1Nonicpint1

Ahhh, Coopers! This beer and me go way back, notwithstanding the fact that we’re both from SA (South Australia), I started my beer drinking education on two beers; Guinness Draught & this, and for a while I didn’t see any need to drink anything else.

Anyway enough nostalgia, time to see if Coopers stands the test of time when it comes to tasting. I poured this fine Ale from a 375ml “stubbie” into a standard pint glass.

A: This was a feisty one! The bone-meal coloured head started out at 2cm before settling to a foamy 0.5cm covering. The body is a cloudy amber/orange shade and tells me I’m in for a small meal (due to the yeast sediment). 7/10.

S: Zesty aromas of stone fruit with a hint of apple. The hops are there but it’s a faint waft. This is the smell of a finely…

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Cricketers Arms Lager

Drinking the universe one craft beer at a time!

Total Score: 4.9/10 Barley1Coriander1CutGrass1Stein1

I found the back of this intriguing; “brewed with the finest Amarillo hops”, sounds delish, let’s give it a run. Drunken ironically while watching the cricket. Australia lost btw :(.

Poured from a 330ml bottle into a tulip pint.

A: Clear and golden, everything a Lager should be. The head started out really excited (like a teenage boy getting a fake ID) but died down to a typical Aussie pub thin lacing… slight disappointment crept in. 6/10.

S: Smells typically like a grainy Lager, but what’s that? Spicy and floral hops! In a Lager? Get. Out. Of. Town. Go on, now! There was a genuine surprise that maybe the label on the back of a bottle (finest Amarillo hops) was not mere hyperbole… let’s find out! 7/10.

T: Hop promise not fulfilled. Yes there is a slight grassy hop presence, but it’s otherwise boring Lager grain flavours…

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William’s Organic Pale Ale – William Bull Brewery (AUS)

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The William Bull Brewery is unsurprisingly named after a chap called “William Bull” (Billy B to his mates) and was founded by the De Bortoli family. The renowned wine makers originally brewed ale for consumption by the vineyard workers and branched out in to craft brewing about 10 years ago. The Bilbul-based Bull Brewey (try saying that after a 6-pack or 2) produces a range of ales but the Organic Pale is the first I’ve come across.

William's Organic Pale Ale .... it's organic, no bull! William’s Organic Pale Ale …. it’s organic, no bull!

Now, before all you photo-nazis start pointing out that the picture isn’t straight, it’s the post that not straight. so just tilt your head to the left or your screen to right.

This organic pale is pale indeed, pouring a very clear white gold into the glass. There’s a mild aroma of rock melon and light carbonation. It’s a refreshing ale, more reminiscent of…

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