Craft Beer Review – Mikkeller Funky e Star

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Mikkeller Funky e Star

Mikkeller – Funky e Star: Brewed in Denmark, this wild/sour are comes in at a strength of 9.39% abv and was poured into a snifter glass from a 12 oz bottle.

Aroma and Appearance: This craft beer pours a muddy brown water colour with minimal foam and lots of bubbles. The aroma was some bread, tart and acid.

Flavour: Metallic and tin like, with a touch of clove, bread and a hint of tartness, very thin and overall tastes kind of like bad water. Despite strength, cannot taste alcohol at all.

Overall Impression: Pretty crappy to be honest, literally muddy water flavour. I think where ever this was brewed, they didn’t let it develop enough before bottling it for this batch or something went wrong in transportation. Drain pour.

Rating: It was a total drain pour, 1/10, worst beer I have had. I gave it lots of chances to…

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