William’s Organic Pale Ale – William Bull Brewery (AUS)

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The William Bull Brewery is unsurprisingly named after a chap called “William Bull” (Billy B to his mates) and was founded by the De Bortoli family. The renowned wine makers originally brewed ale for consumption by the vineyard workers and branched out in to craft brewing about 10 years ago. The Bilbul-based Bull Brewey (try saying that after a 6-pack or 2) produces a range of ales but the Organic Pale is the first I’ve come across.

William's Organic Pale Ale .... it's organic, no bull! William’s Organic Pale Ale …. it’s organic, no bull!

Now, before all you photo-nazis start pointing out that the picture isn’t straight, it’s the post that not straight. so just tilt your head to the left or your screen to right.

This organic pale is pale indeed, pouring a very clear white gold into the glass. There’s a mild aroma of rock melon and light carbonation. It’s a refreshing ale, more reminiscent of…

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Blithering Idiot Beer Review

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blithering idiot

Like most barleywine ales, this one also has the ability to turn you into a blithering idiot should you have two or three.  With a moderate mouthfeel and little to no hoppiness, you are left with a pretty singular taste related to the lightly caramel-esque malt.

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Beer Review – Sprecher Oktoberfest

Bikes, Beets, and Beer.


For my first post, I figured I’d start with a beer review. Now let me mention that nut browns are not my favorite type of beer, but this one went down quick and smooth. The beer is a nice caramel brown color and the smell transported me back 15 years to a basement bar starting the night with a large Newcastle. The nostalgia it woke up was very powerful. The texture of the beer really matched the color, nice and thick and creamy (just like I like my woman’s thighs). The flavor was all rich caramel sweetness followed by a long and powerful hoppy ending.

It really is a great Oktoberfest beer. It made me think of crunchy fall leaves under my feet, cool fall Wisconsin air blowing by, and of wild eyes shining in the light of a bonfire.

If you are into beer and food pairing, this beer…

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