Akita Prefecture Beer Tasting: Tazawako Beer-Kölsch


The great thing about AOI BEER STAND in Miyuki Cho, Aoi Ku, Shizuoka City, is that they not only serve their own craft beers, that is those brwed by Aoi Brewing Co., but also offer all kinds f other Japanese craft beers on tap!


This time they hserve on tap a Germnan-style Kölsch craft beer produced by tazawako Beer Co. in Akita Prefecture!


Served on tap
Barley, malt, hop, yeast
Alcohol: 5 %
Clarity: slightly smoky (normal considering live yeast and being unfiltered), very clean
Color: light orange
Bubbles: very fine bubbles, creamy, longish head, white
Aroma: light and refreshing. Bread
Taste: very light, fresh and fruity attack.
Bread, oranges.
Ends up on a drier note with a little welcome acidity.
Tends to become fruitier with food.

Overall: very refreshing beer for all seasons, unlees you prefer to drink it chilled in summer Frankly speaking there is no need…

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