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An old friend of mine from university and his new family were back in town for a visit, so naturally we needed to have a mini reunion! We chose Beerbistro (18 King Street East) for this special occasion. Beerbistro, just as you might guess, specializes in ‘beer cuisine’ and is located right up next to King station.

My friend made a reservation for eight people at 6pm on a Friday night, and the place wasn’t busy yet. He had also made sure to confirm that the restaurant is baby-friendly, as he and his wife would be introducing his one-year-old to us. The service was amazing in being attentive to the baby (and all of us, lol) and accommodating the stroller while making sure there would be enough space for waiters and other guests to move around freely.

After looking at the menu and deciding what I wanted to order, I went with the suggested pairing…

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