Beer Bread French Toast

Marguerite Jessup

In my first Halifax neighbourhood, a few streets down from my apartment, there was a bread factory. Each night the streets smelled like fresh bread. It was wonderful, because in my opinion there are few smells more inviting than freshly-baked bread. A few years ago I discovered a beer-batter bread recipe in a Williams-Sonoma cookbook. It’s super easy to make. The fun part is choosing different beers to use in the bread. Ironically, a few streets down from my current apartment, there’s a beer brewery and each night my neighbourhood smells like hops.  

For this recipe I used one of my favourite local beers, Garrison Irish Red. The result had a rich malty taste. I used a few slices to make French toast using a savoury batter with beaten egg, milk, pepper and nutmeg. I served it with homemade berry-infused maple syrup and sugared thyme butter. 

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