Chesapeake Porter

Insi Brew Co

This is Chesapeake, our black pepper and coffee porter, a smooth easy drinking beer with a rich coffer based aroma and complex peppery/spiced flavour leaving a distinct bitter coffee aftertaste at 4.4%

This is our first attempt at a dark beer, with a complex malt bill and two unique ingredients we didn’t start off lightly. Unlike our other current beers we feel that we nailed this beer on the first batch! The next challenge is to maintain the standard of this beer every time we brew it.

The Coffee used in this beer is the house blend from our friend’s vegan cafe/diner
V Revolution ( ) based in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. It’s a great coffee we always enjoy, plus we liked the idea of this tiny collaboration. We’re not Vegan but we feel that our beers should be, we want everyone to be able to enjoy our beers.

Here in…

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