Beer – #419 – Tuatara – Black, the Toasted Malt version

A life just as ordinary

Three versions of this beer – This one Tuatara Black Toasted Malt – Limited Edition Unfiltered Stout

Right then –   Tuatara Black Toasted Malt Brewed by Tuatara Brewing Company in the style that is a Stout and they are based in Paraparaumu, New Zealand

Delivered as a 500ml bottle that has all the lumps and bumps of a Tuatara, and this on is 7 ABV, with 210 calories a serve, and is 2.8 standard drink units in this bottle.


Greetings stout lovers. At Tuatara we know your dedication to toasted malts requires no embellishment, so for you we have our brilliant, elemental BLACK. Using everything from Roasted Barley to Dark Crystal (yeah, that’s a thing) we’ve popped the 5-grain into the toaster to create a malt base of opulent Cimmerian shade. And to ensure you’re not losing out to all those pale ale bores, we’ve hopped things up…

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