Craft Beer Review – Epic Ales Forest Ale

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Epic Ales Forest Ale

Epic Ales – Forest Ale: Brewed in Washington at a strength of 8% abv, this beer was wax sealed and was a real foam gusher once it was opened (see video at bottom, it did this for over 5 minutes). Finally, it slowed enough to pour into a glass, where sadly one third of the bottle was claimed by the foam gods.

Aroma and Appearance: This craft beer pours a dark brown, with two fingers of foam (after 5 min of eruptions) and no visible bubbles. The aroma was toffee, molasses, plum and brown sugar.

Flavour: Wow, this was super sweet with mostly a candy and brown sugar flavour, a light carbonated mouth feel and a taffy sweet like finish.

Overall Impression: It has potential, but the sweetness really over powers anything else that it offers.

Rating: Being a frustrating beer and out of balance, I still gave it a…

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