Recipe #16: Chinook and Cascade English IPA (Batch #2014.13)

A Ph.D. in Beer - A Study of Beer and Fermentation Science

There are going to be several IPA posts in the coming months as I try to dial in an IPA recipe that uses Chinook hops. I’ll be trying out a few different grain additions in these beers and keeping the hops a little simple. The hop additions for these beers will not be what people typically think of right now as an American IPA which rely heavily on the Simcoe family of hops, at least in my opinion. This will be a return to the IPAs of my “youth” that utilized a lot of Centennial, columbus, chinook, and cascade hops.

This is the first of 4 (or so) IPAs that I will make this summer that focus on those flavors. This is a Columbus (bittering), chinook and cascade (late addition) IPA with a slightly varied grain bill to incorporate a small amount of wheat, rye, and victory malt. This should…

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