Brouwerij Vanhonsebrouck Brigand

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Day 14 and sifting through my collection of beers, I come across this – Castle Brewery Van Honsebrouck Brigand Belgian Strong Pale Ale. Family owned operation and 5th generation brewer, Xavier Van Honsebrouck runs the brewery is located within a Castle in Ingelmunster Belgium. That in it’s self in my mind makes this a pretty cool beer.

The beer pours a light golden colour, decent head and an aroma of banana, clove and a underlying scent of alcohol. As the head dies down, the alcohol aroma becomes more prominent. Flavourwise, you can tell this is boozy… just the ticket for a cool winter’s evening by the fire, may be a bit of wheat in the flavour, overall quite pleasant for a big beer.

I’ll be giving this one 3 points, not the greatest belgian strong but certainly far from the worst.


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