Beer Wednesday: Hop Heaven Week 2 – Green Flash Palate Wrecker

A Vegan in the World

Happy Beer Wednesday! Or should I say “Hoppy” Beer Wednesday?

This week I’m continuing my visit to hop heaven with a trip to Green Flash’s Palate Wrecker Imperial IPA, or, as they refer to it, “Hamilton’s Ale.”

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As you might expect, this ale was super hoppy. I mean, at 149 IBUs, it was mouth puckeringly bitter. Interestingly enough, though, there was a really strong malt and a rich citrus nose. At 9.5% ABV, I expected it to taste stronger, but the mouthfeel was thick and that, plus the incredible hoppiness, hid the alcohol.

I can’t claim that there wasn’t truth in advertising there, as this did indeed annihilate my palate for anything else. . . until the Blonde took out some dried dates. The sweetness of the dates managed to hold up with the bitterness of the beer, and they ended up pairing perfectly.

Don’t assume that you could drink…

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