BC Craft Beer Review – Four Winds Phaedra Belgian Rye IPA

West Coast Beer Geek

Four Winds Phaedra

Four Winds – Phaedra Belgian Rye IPA: From what I believe to by their second Zephyrus series release beer, this Delta, BC brewed beer comes in at a strength of 7.2% abv with 65 IBUs. I had a lot of excitement built up for months over this one, finally it came out and I had to try it.

Aroma and Appearance: The pour releases bubbles up the side of the glass which create a good 2 fingers of foam at the top and dark copper coloured craft beer. The aroma is fruity, mostly mango with some banana, peach and hints of spice.

Flavour: Wow this has a lot going for it, dark fruits and a deep toffee and rye malt flavour with molasses, banana and fruity mango in the middle with some tangerine citrus on the finish.

Overall Impression: Delightful and interesting beer that is unique to the market…

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